Mens Bracelets Guide for the perfect style.

Style Tips before you choose a Mens Bracelet.

Everything you need to know before buying your next Bracelet. 

Do you know the most sought-after jewellery piece a man prefers after a watch?

Yeah! You guessed it right, it's the bracelet.  When perfectly styled, Mens bracelet can add the much needed elegance and panache.


For the Minimalist and yet a Polished look.

Cuff bracelets are currently in Vogue. A Mens cuff bracelet is  adjustable and easy to wear. A little metal of the cuff bracelet adds a subtle shine without grabbing an eye catching attention making it a very popular choice.

Our cuff bracelet is handmade from stainless steel and has an inlay of the  Cork wood bark. Exceptionally unique, this mens cuff is a sure conversation starter.  

Our Cuff bracelet will elevate your attire to create an allure of elegance and style and can be easily paired with a suit or a classic white shirt.

Mens Bracelet in Stainless Steel Cuff with an inlay of Cork BarkFor smart business casuals

A light mens bracelet that is elegant and easy to carry is perfect for a comfortable and yet a relaxed look. 

Our wrap bracelet are a perfect accessory to suit any occasion. A wrap bracelet, is usually twice in length of the wrist and is wrapped around to create a comfortable fit. A wrap bracelet does not have to be too tight but can also hang loosely on your wrist.

Our wrap bracelets with white embroidery and in Ink blue, Wine Red and Dark Brown are a unique take on this versatile accessory. Handmade with our soft and light Vegan Cork bark, it is elegant and classic. Our wrap bracelet has a strong stainless steel magnet that further adds a minimalist and elegant touch.


Wrap Mens Bracelet by FOReT Sustainable Fashion

For the traveller in you

Winding down on a summer beach or a walk to near by cafe, we have you covered! We all love to be picture ready and our travel clothing as evolved over time. 

While travelling, you must ensure that your bracelet is light and easy to carry. 

Our Roots Mens Bracelet is perfectly crafted to suit every moment. Casual but yet not, it is our luxurious take on mens bracelet.

If you are conscious of the environment, our Cork Bracelets are perfect to take you on a new journey of luxurious and conscious fashion.

We recommend FOReT Mens Roots Bracelet in Cork:Black and White Mens Bracelet in Vegan CorkFor the Party Edit

If you comfortable, you can add a subtle bling through your bracelets depending on the party dress code. For a casual party with friends, you may try something that has standout charms and are eye catching such as our Wilde Beast bracelet that is subtle but makes an impression.

For a formal party that is festive or a celebratory occasion, you may add bracelets with different coloured metals. Make sure that you emphasise just one accessory while doing so. Our Arctic frost bracelet is one such bracelet that has ceramic beads and antique silver against the backdrop of Ink Blue Cork band that is made for a Modern Man.

Mens Bracelet Wilde Beast in Cork is shown below.

Mens Bracelet in Vegan Cork with antique silver accents


Tips to choosing Mens Bracelet

  1. If you are trying Mens bracelet as an accessory for the first time, choose something closer to your personality. Once, you get comfortable, you can experiment with various designs and looks
  2. The metal colour in your bracelet should match the metal of your watch and belt.
  3. Mens Bracelet when stacked should be done in a minimalistic way. Two simple bracelets with elegant bands create a perfect combination.
  4. If using a bold bracelet, make that your focal point of your ensemble, it won’t appear too loud in that case
  5. Try various materials. Our bracelets come in stainless steel and porcelain ceramic with strong magnetic closures. 
  6. Add a touch of nature with Vegan leather or sustainable and recycled metals

If you are someone who supports sustainability and care for the environment then you should buy pieces that last longer and environment friendly. We at FOReT, believe in high quality material that are luxurious to stay beautiful longer and are earth friendly.

You can browse through more collections of our Mens Cork Bracelets here


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