Connect with nature without leaving your home during this lockdown

As the lockdown continues to extend, we have been watching the world from our windows. While we look forward to the time in future when we can go back into the world, touch our feet on the sand, allow the sun to shine on our back and allow some tiny waves to crash on our feet, there are some things that we can still do to bring home nature.

1. Breathe in the air:  Our usual routine would have been to be in an office facing a glass facade, breathing the stale and dry air from air conditioners and the noise of blaring horns and the smoke fuming out of gas pipes.

However, this lockdown allows us to witness the story of nature as it unfolds outside our window.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe the fresh air that dreamily wavers through your house . Wake up early and close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the birds cooing outside. With no traffic, it is so quiet and the air is so pure and clean, that you are sure to witness the magic of some winged visitors.

Connect with nature this environment day

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

 2. Make a DIY bird feeder: If you haven't yet, why not invite them over. There is nothing more pleasing than watching tiny little colourful visitors. You can use your tiny shoe boxes or any delivery box that is available in your house or any old lantern. Hang it from your window or set it up in your balcony and watch the tiny little birds come happily to visit your feeder. 

DIY Bird Feeder

Photo by Satyawan Narinedhat on Unsplash


3. Plant a tree from your own home. Yes, you can do that and not only contribute to a green cover but also make rural farmers financially independent. Our Gift A Tree card initiative with Sankalptaru foundation allows you to grow trees and helps you to connect with nature and grow trees virtually from the convenience of your home. 


Gift and Plant trees

4. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  Do you know that by reducing our consumption of unwanted items we can allow ourselves and the earth to heal. It is said that when we hoard a lot of products or items, it restricts our eye movements creating stress and increasing our anxiety. As much as possible let us be mindful of the products we consume, reuse and recycle them so that we need fewer new items that do not occupy our landfills.  

Reduce Recycle and Reuse and avoid wastage


5. Pledge to use durable products: Let us buy products that are bio degradable, earth friendly, sustainable and that last long. Add natural materials to your wardrobe and connect with nature like never before. This thought also led us to create our products that from Cork. Cork material is developed from the bark of Cork Oak tree that when harvested allows the tree to grow for another 200 years. Our products also show case the bark of the tree as is and in it lies its attractive appeal. Read more.

Products shown below are our Cork wristlet and Cork bracelet.

FOReT wristlet handmade from Cork


6. Make a kitchen garden: Create small potted plant with seeds from your own kitchen. A DIY little garden that will give you a fresh produce each time you plan to cook.

Make a Kitchen Garden 


Let us be mindful and conserve energy and water at home. Our tiny little steps can help us protect nature and conserve it.

Last but not the  least, let us express our gratitude to mother nature.

                    "The five forces of nature make us what we are."

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