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Foret - Natural, Vegan & Eco Friendly Luxury Fashion Accessories made from Cork

FORêT Eco-Friendly and Natural Luxury Fashion

 At Forêt HQ, we believe in eco-centric luxury. We believe in the essence of FORêT ( FOREST) as a subliminal caretaker of our world, a reflection of the virgin beauty of our earth and a witness to life since its creation 

 This credo is reflected in our brand name and the choice of our material. Our fashion accessories are lovingly crafted using Cork, also known as Nature's leather. Our designs are minimal and well built, each one passionately crafted making every piece a unique and a beautiful statement piece.

We are a happy bunch of people and believe in this beautiful world around us and believe in the motto:

"Let us not endanger our verdant ecosystem but preserve its sanity. Let us lift our souls with its ethereal beauty and our generations to be enriched by its presence."

With a little pixie dust and creativity, we want to cast a place for this good earth in the realms of fashion. To be a statement that is earth friendly without compromising on being stylish and trendy. 

FORêT Logo


Our logo tells a story...

Foret - Natural, Vegan & Eco Friendly Luxury Fashion Accessories made from Cork It started from our essence to be in the present, to be in the now. To leave a small footprint in this infinite timeline by crafting a small niche for our environment. And, what embodies our ecology better than the forests, home to various birds and beasts, the freshness of water and tranquillity of the trees. We found our inspiration in the French word FORêT for Forest.  

The circumflex accent on the ê perfectly emphasises our belief in the “e” of our ecology. ( ê is an imaginary word for es, and is pronounced as /ɛ/ i.e as “e” in “bet”). We have included another accent on the ê in our logo, which represents the tree. 

 The two accents on the “e” also represent our belief in growing forward with the environment and creating a genial relationship between us and Nature. We do believe that our little investment today will create sustainable paths for our future generation.

 ForêT can also be written as FORET where it is not possible to add the accents. 

FORET® and the Brand Logo have registered trademarks and should not be used without expressed consent of the company.