“The earth has music for those who listen.” —George Santayana.

FOReT embodies and articulates the beauty and spirit of Nature in our fashion accessories. 

We believe that there is no greater designer than Nature and this led us in search of a material that encapsulates its ethereal beauty. We came across the beautiful cork and were completely enamoured by it, inspiring us to launch our sustainable brand FOReT. 

At FOReT, we aim to create products that have a positive impact on our lifestyle and environment without compromising on the latest style and trends using the choicest of materials that resonate with being earth-friendly and responsible.



We found our inspiration in the French word Forêt for Forest. The circumflex accent on the ê perfectly emphasizes our belief in its Essence and Elegance. We have adorned the ê with another accent to represents the soul of the forests, the Trees.



We found our connection with the Cork Fabric, also known as Nature's Leather that grows abundantly in the Mediterranean region. A perfect embodiment of Nature, Cork Fabric retains the appearance of the Wooden Bark and in it lies its beauty and simplicity. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly material and is durable, water resistant and also Vegan giving you a strong product that will stand the test of time.

We also make minimal use of some other material such as PU, Polyester and Nylon to provide certain design elements or additional durability. We do believe that a durable material increases the longevity of a product which also adds an integral dimension in creating a sustainable landscape.



Our current collection made from the Natural Cork Fabric is conceptualized in India and handcrafted and designed in Europe allowing us to bring you a genuine product.

We believe in simplicity, expert craftsmanship and elegant designs that allow the material to speak.

Our products are made from the natural Cork, making them dust-free and water-resistant, durable and allergen free

Our Every Day classic collection has been made by designers in Europe while our other collections is artisanal and handmade in India. 

Moreover, our products are PETA certified Vegan-friendly too!



Our packaging is minimal and we allow our product to be the hero. We have tried to ensure we use material that is eco-conscious and healthy for our environment.




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