Hi, I’m Supriya Shirsat Satam, founder and creative director at FOReT® and here is my story behind launching the brand.

By qualification, I am an Electronics and Telecom Engineer with a Masters in Management. Prior to FOReT, I helmed Mobile Commerce and Innovations with India’s premier airline.

My corporate role in aviation was extremely hectic and had intense pressure. To  create some balance and ease the tension, I started leaning towards learning landscape painting. For over more than 5 years, I studied with various art mediums. While trying to learn, I started exploring the nuances and the dialogues in nature and was drawn into this colourful world with a keen eye. An aviation career also allowed me to pursue travelling to faraway places and relive the intersection of art and nature. This influenced my lifestyle and I started moving towards creating a balance with organic and natural ingredients. I extended this further to the way I dressed.  I was determined to use accessories that were natural without compromising on my sense of style at work or casual gatherings.

I searched everywhere for such products but wasn’t completely blown away by the offerings. During the process, I realised that while organic food, cosmetics and clothing that were modern were widely available, there were limited options that looked well designed when it came to fashion accessories from natural materials.

I was completely consumed by this thought and started researching on materials that can be moulded into products that were on par with other fashion products. I came across the beautiful cork material and was completely in awe. To the artist in me this was perfect, as it show cased every grain in the bark. I wrote to quite a few suppliers and over more than 12 months through copious emails and negotiations to create just one bag, I had designed my first handbag. When it arrived, it was nothing like I had seen before. I received a lot of positive responses from curious onlookers and that made me realise that perhaps there would be others like me who want to accept green living without sacrificing on the design and their fashion sense.

In 2016, I quit to accept the new role of a mother. With motherhood, I was drawn further into a larger landscape of natural and organic practices and this gave me the encouragement and confidence to put all my interests and years of art-loving and nature-loving thoughts to build a brand that I proudly and fondly call FOReT.

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