It all started with our essence to be in the present,FORET - Natural, Peta approved Vegan & Eco Friendly Luxury Fashion Accessories made from Cork to be in the now.

To leave a tiny footprint in this infinite timeline by crafting a niche for our environment in the realms of fashion. And, what embodies our ecology better than the forests, home to various birds and bees, the freshness of water and tranquillity of the trees. We found our inspiration in the French word FORêT for Forest.

Our fashion accessories are lovingly created using Cork fabric, also known as Nature's leather. Our designs are minimal and well built, each one passionately and artfully developed, creating a special and arrestingly attractive statement piece.

Our products are lovingly curated keeping the ethos of Forêt in mind - Simple and Diverse, Natural and yet sophisticated, made for the world and inspired by this beautiful world around us.

ForêT products are timeless and yet a bold fashion statement designed for those who love unique products. Just like in nature, every grain is singular and so are our accessories made from Cork Fabric, creating an unmatched product only for you.

Furthermore, our products are also Vegan. Need we say anything more!