Human Rights & Social Responsibility

At FOReT, our commitment to social responsibility and human rights is deeply ingrained in our ethos. As a proud PETA Approved Vegan brand, our passion transcends beyond crafting sustainable fashion; it's about fostering a lifestyle that respects all forms of life and human dignity. Our approach is not just about creating a brand but nurturing a way of living that is compassionate, ethical, and responsible.


Furthermore, FOReT is dedicated to promoting gender equality, resonating with another vital UN SDG. We believe in creating equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender. Our partnerships and operations are structured to empower women, providing them with fair employment opportunities and a platform to showcase their skills. By fostering an environment of equality and respect, we contribute to a more balanced and just society.


At FOReT, we prioritise bridging the gender gap in employment, particularly in rural India where such opportunities are scarce. By focusing on employing women artisans, we actively promote gender equality. We are not just providing jobs; we are challenging societal norms and opening up a space where women can thrive as professionals and individuals.

We are proud of our association with a force of 300 women from rural India that empower our production. Moreover, we are led by a woman founder and have majority of women in different factions of our circle.

Employment and Economic Empowerment

In the heart of our operations lies a steadfast commitment to employing women artisans. This initiative is more than just about job creation; it's about offering a lifeline of economic empowerment to women in local communities. By providing these employment opportunities, we are directly contributing to the financial independence and stability of women who are often marginalized in rural settings.

Our banana bark bags production involves 300 rural women through various stages from sorting, rope creation to final crafting of the bag structure.

Fair Wages and Skill development

We believe that empowering women goes beyond providing employment. It's about ensuring they receive fair wages that reflect their craftsmanship and hard work. Alongside this, by collaborating through the medium of design, we share knowledge that aids in skill development with an aim to not just about refining their existing talents; but equipping the women and artisans with knowledge that can open doors to broader opportunities, both within and beyond our organization.

At FOReT, social responsibility and human rights are not just policies; they are the pillars of our brand identity. Our commitment to these values is unwavering, as we continue to advocate for a world where sustainability, compassion, and equality are not just ideals but realities we live by every day.