What is the Gift-A-Tree initiative from FOReT?

We believe that we all can be a part of conserving our nature and our environment through an initiative that spells joy for everyone. Through a simple gift for yourself and your loves ones, you can contribute towards creating a greener planet.

FOReT in collaboration with Sankalptaru Foundation introduces Gift-A-Tree product that will allow you to commemorate special events by growing trees in Maharashtra. 

How does the GIFT-A-TREE work?

After placing the order on our website, your fruit bearing tree(s) will be planted in the rural areas of Maharashtra. After 4-7 days, a gift certificate with the details of your planted tree will be shared with you and the recipient of the gift.

You can track the growth of your tree through the QR code shared with you and the Google location. You can do this for the lifetime of the tree.

Your contribution will help conserve nature and it also provides a source of livelihood for farmers. The farmers are trained and provided support through technical workshops that empower them to successfully grow and relieve anxiety from unscrupulous weather changes in the arid region.

How does FOReT benefit from this initiative?

FOReT does not profit from this association. Today we contribute a portion of our sales proceeds towards growing trees. We wanted to extend this initiative to our customers to allow a larger community to participate in empowering our environment and our farmers.

FOReT only charges a portion of the fees that we bear towards payment gateway fees and other operational costs. The amount provided to Sankalptaru Foundation is not compromised in any manner.

How do I know that my trees have been planted?

After your purchase the details are shared with the local team that plants trees and assigns your name to the same. Once the tree has been planted, the details of the tree are shared with you on email with a gift certificate. The gift certificate contains a QR code with the Google location details. You can track the growth of your tree through this profile.

Can I visit the site where the tree is planted?

Your gift certificate will contain the details of the location on Google maps. You can visit your tree(s) any time.

Which trees are planted?

Fruit bearing trees such as Mango, Sapota, Guava, Custard Apple and Lemon are grown. The trees are grown basis the climatic and the soil condition as determined by the expert team at Sankalptaru.
Do I own the tree I plant?
The trees that you gift are a gift not only to your loved ones but also to the rural farmer community that benefits from it. The trees will be planted under your name and will service for a social cause whose harvest will provide financial relief to the farmers.
Do I get a 80G certificate?
This is a gift product and FOReT will not be able to provide a 80G certificate.