Caring for your jewellery this monsoon

It’s that time of the year when the dark clouds cast their shadow and the leaves adorn a fresh green hue. The wind gently caresses the trees and the earthy smell of mud fills the air.

But do remember to keep a check on your lovely baubles as they are best kept away from moisture.

 Here is a quick list to keep fine jewellery. this rainy season.

  • Store your jewellery in cotton bags as the metal will tend to oxidize and tarnish with moisture. It is best to store your pieces in separate bags to avoid any scratches on the surface
FOReT - Natural and Peta Approved Vegan Jewellery is stored in Sustainable Ecofriendly Cotton Packaging


  • Keep your jewellery in a dry and dark place, best if kept in airtight jewellery boxes
  • Just in case you are out and about and your jewellery is wet, immediately dry and keep it away from moisture
  • You can also add a silica gel bag. Silica gel is a good absorbent and you could reuse the packets that are often provided in courier boxes.
  • A home tip: Add a small piece of chalk and this will avoid any blackening of your statement pieces
  • Keep your jewellery away from perfumes as it may lose its lustre.
  • In case your jewellery has turned black, gently clean it with a standard polishing cloth. Avoid using this polishing cloth on your Cork as it may scratch the surface

FOReT jewellery. is made from Cork threads which is water resistant, dust free and anti-microbial, however, the metal accents need special attention and should be stored carefully away from moisture.

A little care will keep your treasures sparkling for a long time to come. Have fun this monsoon and wear your rain gear in style.

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