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FOReT® is an award winning brand with a passion to create fashion that embodies the essence of Nature. Our products are lovingly crafted keeping the ethos of Forêt alive - Simple and Diverse, Natural and yet Sophisticated, made for the world and inspired by this beautiful world around us.

FOReT fashion accessories are timeless and a bold fashion statement.

Arjun Rampal in FOReT Sustainable Mens Cork Bracelet
Radhika Madan in FOReT Sustainable Fashion Cork Band Ring in Stainless Steel



FOReT products are handmade with Genuine European Cork Fabric or Nature's Leather.

The Cork fabric is produced by harvesting the outer bark оf the cork oak tree that grows abundantly in the mediterranean region. This doesn't harm but allows the  tree to grow naturally and it may even live upto 100 years!


Just received a couple of items from FOReT that had been on my wishlist list for quite some time. I've been wearing my Cuff Tree ring and bracelets nearly every day. I even wear my bracelets in the shower, and they still shine as bright as when they arrived. It's comforting to know that there is a sustainable brand that creates very exquisite and versatile pieces that I can wear with Almost everything.
I've only used leather wallets before, but this is my first time using a Cork wallet, and it's very light and super chic. Several friends have already inquired about my accessories and wallet.

Thank you, FOReT, for creating such timeless and amusing pieces. I'll be back for more.

SN | Twilight and Sea bracelet

Highly Recommended

Ahana Deol Vohra | Kids Butterfly Necklace +1

Foret’s interesting line of cork jewellery is eye-catching. The finish is excellent and the designs, sublime. I love that they are so light around the neck.

My necklace was too tight around my neck and needed adjustment. Sanjana from the Foret team was especially amazing. So proactive in getting it done for me. I so look forward to flaunting it soon!

Good luck to the team. Stay safe!

Meera Prashant| Lotus Dew Cork Necklace

I have been incredibly pleased with FORET. I am extremely happy with the look and quality of this bracelet, it is absolutely gorgeous...wonderful color and no blemishes & I liked the white and black combination. well, I'll definitely buy some other items from your shop soon.

Gaurav | The Roots Bracelet

Perfect description with exact size of the product mentioned in the picture. Loved It!

gorgeous packing

Richa S| Northern Lights Bracelet

Yes I did , the products are amazing!!!
Super good quality and so luxe!! Best part is it's indigenous and crueltyFree.

Good luck to you guys.

Kirti Gupta | The Iconic Mini Bucket Bag

I love my cork wallet that I bought and I was informed so systematically every step of the way about it’s delivery to me.

Farah B | Elizia Zipped Wallet

I got this magical thing, just now and believe me couldn't wait to unbox it...seems to be something that has landed directly out of some fairy land...it's come as a spark and a sparkle of happiness and well being in this dull, gloomy weather that we're experiencing here ever since 2022 has opened itself up...thank you for making such delightful objects in this world full of made up things...it has my ❤

Anupreet Kular | The Iconic Bucket Bag

Loved it. Will come back for more. Very unique and elegant.

Nandita Sahni| Peace and Skies Necklace


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