Our Material


     Cork Fabric - eco-friendly and natural leather. 

Cork has been popularly known only for its use as a wine stopper, but few know that this versatile fabric with this beautiful and smooth texture can be easily crafted into making fashion accessories such as Laptop Bags and Wallets! 

Suprised, we knew you would be. So let's run through the story of this resourceful material.

Foret - Natural & Eco Friendly Luxury Fashion crafted from Cork Fabric.

  The Cork Story

Cork is developed from the Cork Oak Trees that grow extensively in the Mediterranean region. Our products are made from genuine Cork sourced from this region. When the Cork Oak is around 20 years, these trees are carefully hand-harvested for this miracle material. The trees are then marked with a number, which makes it possible to identify them, thus letting the trees grow again for the next decade.

Cork trees are the only trees which can be harvested thus, and not die. In fact, the harvesting makes them stronger and gives them a life of about 200 years over which period of time, the tree can be harvested every 10 years!

This harvested cork is then pressed into a fabric, without the addition of any chemicals or formaldehyde. Some of the wonderful properties of cork are that its naturally water resistant, dust resistant apart from the fact that it's really light.

Every cork bag that we design, will age well and have some naturally occurring wrinkles that give the bag its character.

Sustainable, Cruelty-free and Vegan. Light-weight, Durable and Unique.