Bio Diversity with SankalpTaru

At FOReT, we believe in giving back to our environment and have pledged to foucusing our efforts to increase the green cover and contribute toward developing sustainable surrounding and supporting rural livelihoods.

FOReT collaborates with the NGO Sankalptaru. to plant trees and strengthen the livelihood of farmers and create a rich biodiverse ecosystem.

With every product you purchase on our website., we contribute our sale proceeds towards planting and maintaining trees and supporting rural farmers. 

In collaboration with Sankalptaru, FOReT has planted trees in Ahmednagar, a largest district of Maharashtra state in India. The region mostly remains hot and dry, thus receiving erratic rainfall. This fluctuating nature of rainfall in Ahmednagar affects the moisture content in the soil because of which it has become an extremely drought prone area, leading to adverse water scarcity.
With Sankalp Taru, FOReT contributes towards planting fruit-bearing trees such as custard apple on the lands of various rural farmers to support their livelihood. This initiative would not only go a long way in rejuvenating environment and attracting more and more rain through the increased green cover, but will also strengthen the living of poor villagers by providing them with a more reliable and permanent source of income.
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We do believe that our small step will bring us closer to our goal of reducing our carbon footprint and enriching the livelihood of rural farmers.