Social distancing - Mindful and fun things to do at home

In our busy and frenzied lives, haven't we all thought that someday I just want to stay at home and do nothing. Put my feet on the table with a book in my hand and stare into nothingness.

It's time to do just that. Lead that slow life we have been earnestly waiting for. 

While the coronavirus pandemic surrounds us, let us take this opportunity to reflect on how we can turn this into a space that is healthy for us and our children. 

We have created a small list of things that you could do to achieve smaller goals. Be happy from within and let go of the anxiety that surrounds us. 

As a Brand, each day we take a new step trying to learn and unlearn the choices we can make towards creating a sustainable future. We research on new materials and upcycle our waste and remind ourselves of the limitless possibilities to conserve nature. Our partnership with the NGO Sankalptaru helps us grow a forest and assist rural farmers to give them a sustainable resource.



Here are some practical tips to follow while you are at home. 

  • RENEW OLD TIES: There is an adage - When your phone doesn't ring, ring someone else.Remember that old friend you have been thinking of calling for a couple of months or years. Let us get down the memory lane and call someone and be friends again.
Coronavirus social distancing - things to do

  • BE A HOME MASTER CHEF: Haven't we marvelled at the romantic dinners at home just like in the movies? With limited veggies at home, let us make it our surprise box and cook something new. Put on our chef's hat, get out an interesting recipe, work some magic and bake some goodies. It's time to impress!


  •  BINGE ON YOUR COLLECTIBLES: Over the years, you may have collected many a thing waiting for the perfect time to come. Brush the dust off your old books, your guitar, the drawing brushes, and the paints. Spend just a few minutes with them and remind yourself of why you bought them. Indulge in them and be yourself.


  • BE A STORY TELLER: Remember that time you were a kid and the books you read and the ones that made you laugh. Spend time with your kids, join them in building activity, tell them childhood stories. Spend time with your family and converse. Tell them the funny and not so funny stories. Years later you may not remember the anxiety over the coronavirus, but you will remember your kids cuddling in your arms and breaking into a spontaneous laugh. You will remember the stories you shared and the smiles you received in return.



  • UP CYCLE YOUR OLD STUFF. INDULGE IN SOME DIY : Closet Cleanse anyone? Run through your closet and your kitchen and find the old stuff that you always kept as a keepsake. Mark them to donate or pick up some DIY craft projects and up cycle your clothes, bedsheets, old pots, and pans.


  • POT A PLANT: Be a home gardener and farmer. Throw in a few seeds like coriander, mint and other easily available ingredients at home. By the time the pandemic fear dies, you will be happy to see your balcony farm.


  • SET YOUR FITNESS GOALS: You have been pushing the thought of waking up early for a while. While you work from home and time is at your hand, make some small goals and see them happening.


  • HOME IMPROVEMENT: Shift your furniture and renew your place. Create a space where you can call it your own. It could be a tiny corner in the house or your balcony. Up cycle and create new home decor.



While the earth tells us to slow down, let us be a child again and learn to live only for this moment. Let us laugh, live and be contented. Let us make the right choice while we can and be mindful of this when the world forgets and moves on.


  • Divya

    Good one …simple and easy to follow ..thankyou ..felt cared ..

  • Vanshika Chamaria

    Very informative n helpful in these tough times….

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