Tips to make your wardrobe sustainable and stylish.

Do you know that fashion contributes to 10% of carbon emissions and is the second biggest consumer of water resources? Over the last couple of years, consumers have purchased 60% more garments in 2014 than 2000 and 85% of this has ended up in landfills.

700 gallons of water to produce one cotton shirt which is equivalent to one man or woman's daily requirement of eight glasses per day to last for three-and-a-half years. While, 2,000 gallons of water are required to produce a pair of jeans which is equivalent to one person drinking eight glasses per day for 10 years.

These statistics and some more grave, suggest that it’s time to look at how we can minimise our impact on the environment.

At FOReT, we believe that you can look stylish while being earth friendly. This ethos reflects in our trending designs and exclusive fashion accessories.

Here are some tips to make a beautiful transition to eco fashion while still looking stylish and trendy. Let us start with creating a smart and green wardrobe

  • Shop smarter: Social media has fuelled this need to look different every day. But, don’t spend your hard earned money on products that don’t last too long. Buy products from good sustainable brands that look good and will last long. They may be expensive, but the quality and the design will definitely make you stand out. You may purchase 1 dress for the cost of 2, but trust us, a sustainable product will give you that joy and confidence to step into any occasion with poise. Let’s stand out for the right reasons.       
Fast Fashion Vs Slow Fashion | Sustainable Fashion

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  • Get creative: You may wake up each morning, staring at your closet, with clothes tumbling out and yet with a thought that you have nothing meaningful to wear. When in this situation, change your accessories, wear a bold necklace or a different handbag. Wear your hair differently or change your makeup.The duchess, Kate Middleton beautifully recycles her clothes and looks stunning at every occasion.

Kate Middleton_recycle clothing Getty/Chris Jackson, Joseph Johnson, WPA Pool

  • Make informed choices: Being mindful is an important step towards achieving a sustainable lifestyle. Each time you want to buy something new, ask yourself, if you really need it. If it is a one time occasion purchase, then you may look at up cycling what you have. As you would do with every food packet, do check the materials used in making of your clothing or accessory. Avoid materials that may not last long and are not eco-friendly.

Fast Fashion Shopping BehaviourPhoto by Cam Morin on Unsplash

  • Maintain your wardrobe essentials: Taking good care of your clothes is an essential part of being sustainable. Air dry clothes instead of washing them each time. This retains the structure and shine in clothes. Store your accessories in air tight containers to avoid moisture and humidity from corroding it.

Sustainable Clothing tips and ideas to last longPhoto by tu tu on Unsplash

  • Use better quality materials: Most materials used today as part of the fast fashion brigade, use cheap materials that have a bad impact on our environment. Nylon, acrylics and Polyester are made from petrochemicals and release micro plastics into the water during washing. Micro plastics erode the natural resources and eventually have a bad impact on us and our environment.

Sustainable materials to be used for a better impact on our surroundings Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash

  • Repurpose your clothes: When you choose brands that last well, you can always repurpose them by giving it to close friends. Clothes and accessories that last well, always look good and everyone is happy to own a pair. You can also donate your clothes or swap them for new ones.
  • Upcycle: We all have that dress or a luck shirt or our kids clothes that we never want to let go. Upcycle and convert them into new clothes or refurbish them to make a basket or a bag.Turn your kids clothes into blankets or make a photo frame of cherished clothing neatly turned into a piece of art.

Sustainability is an important figment of our times and the actions we take today will have a direct impact on our future generations. There has to be a beginning and it all begins at home with a tiny step that we take. Let’s make good choices and live well.



source for statistics: World Economic Forum

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