As travellers, our journey for FORêT started from our love for our good earth.

We believe in the spirit of the FORêT ( French for FOREST) as a subliminal caretaker of our world, a reflection of the virgin beauty of our earth and a witness to life since its creation.

With a belief to imbibe on a conscious journey for a Sustainable tomorrow, we crafted our manifesto:

- To leave a small footprint in this infinite timeline by crafting a small niche for our environment in the realms of fashion

 - To be a statement that is earth friendly without compromising on being stylish and trendy.


This credo is reflected in our brand name and the choice of our material.

Our fashion accessories are lovingly created using Cork, also known as Nature's leather.

Our designs are minimal and well built, crafted in Portugal, home to the Cork Oak Trees. We can thus bring you a genuine product that is high on style and quality.

Our Packaging is minimal taking care that we have limited impact on our environment.

Furthermore, our products are also Vegan. Need we say anything more!