from our essence to be in the present and to be in the now.
with our belief in taking a breath and nurturing the moment that was already there.
from our awakening to slow down and question every haste.
from our search of ourselves in this juggernaut of chaos.


 We looked for inspiration around us and found that the answer was always starting right at us - Our good earth, one that has lovingly witnessed life since its creation, an embodiment of beauty and character. 

In it, we can discover ourselves and craft a harmonious journey for us and our future generations to come.

These thoughts stirred our soul and created a quest to imbibe some factions in our daily life. We love fashion and we love to dress so why not start our journey from there.

Armed with a little pixie dust and some creativity, we crafted our manifesto:

To leave a small footprint in this infinite timeline by crafting a small niche inspired by the values of our good earth in the realms of fashion. To be a statement that is earth friendly without compromising on being stylish and trendy.




What personifies the essence of our earth better than the forests. 

Home to various birds and beasts, freshness of water and tranquility of the trees. 

We found our inspiration in the french word FORêT for Forest.

The circumflex accent on the ê perfectly emphasises our belief in the “e” of our ecology. We have adorned it with another accent on the ê to represents the soul of the forests, the tree. 


Our Material

Our fashion accessories are lovingly crafted using Cork, also known as Nature's leather. Our designs are minimal and well built, each one passionately crafted making every piece a unique and a beautiful statement piece.


We do believe that our little investment today will create sustainable paths for our future generation. Come join us in our journey and explore this beautiful world.